Quick Update - Summer of Pizza

I'm writing this from the corner of my couch, curled up with some Lychee tea, Harry Potter 7 open at my side (the Ministry just fell), and my laptop balanced on a knee.  There's a thunderstorm rolling in!  From my seat on the couch I have the best view of the lightning over our woods - I'm at home for another few days, then back to work after a marvelous 2 week vacation with my family.


Nina just got back from working at the Omega Holistic Institute as a seasonal worker, and brought back some amazing brownies with her.  They had the perfect brownie texture - fudgy, but still cake-like, deeply chocolatey, and smooth.  Yum!  Those brownies got me thinking about comfort foods, and comfort foods got me thinking about the Summer of Pizza.


This summer was the Summer of Pizza for Chris and me (and I? Gah.).  Anyway, we found a great little deli near us called Maselli's, right on the way to Price Chopper.  They sell "pizza making kits" for $3.50.  What a bargain!  It includes homemade pizza dough, freshly grated mozzarella cheese, and their own tomato sauce.  Heavenly.  And the best part is, we almost always have sauce leftover after we make the pizzas!


So anyway.  Chris is due for a guest post, to talk about two of his amazing pizzas.


Shallot Grape Focaccia, made for the Apartment Warming Brunch.  I suppose this isn't technically a pizza, but it WAS made with pizza dough, so it counts in my book!


Chicken, Spinach, Artichoke Pizza with White Sauce.  YUM!  I actually might have been missing a few ingredients, but that's why I'm not making that post ;).  This was kind of a take-off on a pizza I had in Seattle from a "Take and Bake" place.  I don't know if that's a new term for anyone else, but I thought it was really cool!  We don't have those on the East Coast.  The idea is you order a pizza from a menu, and they put it together for you.  Then you take it home and bake it yourself!  Deeeeelicious.

seattle_pizza <--Pizza inspiration.


I do miss Seattle.



P.S. Look for my Mac 'n Cheese, Bacon, and Spinach Pizza recipe to be up later this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

you NEED to put up the recipe for that pizza with white sauce in this post! Unless it is somewhere above and I just missed it. But that looks absolutely amazing! Also, you never told me about Seattle, really! I want stories!