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After the series of ice storms at the end of the semester, we were lucky enough not to lose power, unlike the other half of the city.  Over the course of the weekend a few friends ended up staying over because they didn't have power, and on Sunday morning Heather and I made pancakes for a bunch of our friends.  There's no better way to spend a Sunday than with friends and breakfast foods! :D


(This is how I know we go to a tech school.......)


We used Joy the Baker's Oatmeal Raspberry Pancakes recipe, with a few substitutions.  I had no buttermilk, so in place of that I used a mix of plain yogurt and regular milk.  I also doubled the recipe, and used instant oats (the recipe doesn't specify), and it turned out great!  I love pancake recipes because they're so flexible - almost all of the non-pantry ingredients (like milk, eggs, buttermilk) can be substituted with whatever you have in the fridge.  It's so easy!

DSC04538 DSC04539

My friend Jeremy took over the reins in pancake-making during the second round.  He claimed he never did this before, but take a look at some of the pancakes he made! ;)  He had it down to a science, forming the shapes piece by piece so the layers cooked in order, and taking requests from the crowd.  So cool!


Skull and crossbones


Flipping the dragon...


...and here it is!  I need to learn how to do this stuff ;)


I may have had a 30 page paper hanging over my head that day, but for me it was one of the most memorable ways to end the semester.  :)


Oatmeal Raspberry Pancake recipe here, from Joy the Baker.

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Anonymous said...

These pancakes look amazing. I have got to try your recipe!