How many times am I allowed to say "delicious" in one post?

So, I decided that with all of the unpacking and whatnot I still have to do, I probably wouldn't have time for a real first blog post. But I think that blogging about the Greek festival I went to this weekend is a good compromise!

My parents came up to visit me yesterday, since I'm effectively all alone in the apartment right now with my boxes and bags threatening to overtake me. We've been wanting to hit the St. Sophia Greek Festival for a couple of years, but never quite made it out there. Anyway, I'm glad we finally did! Not only is the church absolutely gorgeous, but the place was packed, and the food was DELICIOUS! Unfortunately, I left my camera in the van (yes, we drive a stylish mini-van...), so I was stuck with cell phone pictures all day.

My mom and I found a tent selling lots of sampler platters and classic Greek dishes, so she had the Greek sampler, which was actually a mistake...she thought she was asking for the pastry sampler! But it was a delicious mistake, nonetheless. I've never had such good feta cheese, not that I'm very well-versed in feta cheeses anyway! And, since my dad is slightly competitive (and only had some beer to hold him over amidst all of the delicious smells!), he ended up getting the calamari, which was very very good as well...light, crunchy batter, and tons of taste. All in all, you couldn't ask for better!

I got the spanakopita, which was very flavorful, light, crispy, and yes....delicious!! (I am a huge fan of exclamation points, it's kind of a problem!) I also had 2 cups of Greek coffee while we were there (yum). I made the mistake of swishing around the dregs in my cup to "mix it up" towards the end, thinking it'd make it thicker....what a HORRIBLE idea. Somehow my mind left out the part where the woman making the coffee told me the dregs would be finely ground coffee when I made the decision. *Shudder* I won't be doing that again, ever. On the right, you see the loukoumathes that my mom and I attempted to split (couldn't finish them all, although that's not necessarily a bad thing!), drenched in honey and cinnamon :D. Yum!
I'm going to wrap up this awkward post because I think I've reached my quota on the number of times I get to say delicious as well as use exclamation points. Also, work is ending soon! (YESS!)


mom said...

:>) Liked your post Talka! The Greek festival was the best one we've ever been to! Love you...MOM

Chris said...

The loukoumathes look delicious! We should get some sometime.

Natalie said...

They were delicious! I found a recipe for them while I was at work, they seem like fun to make :D